National Writing Day 2020

National Writing Day 2020The fourth annual National Writing Day 2020 takes place on 24 June. In the context of a global pandemic, activities necessarily shift online.

The theme of National Writing Day 2020 is “One day”. The aim of the day is to get us all writing. Write alone, write with others in your household, write with others on Zoom.

You can follow the theme or go with whatever idea you choose. There are plenty prompts on the First Story website. First Story, has set a #247 challenge; write a story of 24 words in 7 minutes. This is ‘flash-fiction’ to a tee. Author videos on the First Story website provide handy tips. Frank Cottrell Boyce gives the best advice which is to think about the ‘one day’ as the moment when something begins to happen.
Give the detail. You might even begin, ‘One day ….’

  • A memory of swimming
  • A time when you have been alone
  • A memory of drinking from a bottle
  • A time when you went shopping
  • A wall you once encountered
  • A memory of sound, or taste, or touch.

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