About Robin Catling: writer, performer; project manager; sports coach; all-round eccentric.

The longer version:

About Robin CatlingWith degrees in both arts and technology, Robin Catling spent far too long in the corporate sector as IT and business change manager, project manager, technical trainer and technical author.

As a fencing coach and long-bow archer, the movie business beckoned. An appearance in Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott both delighted and disappointed.

Major movie projects followed including Martin Scorceses’ Hugo, Captain America, Spielberg’s Warhorse and a stint in Harry Potter‘s Ministry of Magic in Deathly Hallows.

After six years in the film and TV industry, Robin returned to IT.  Managing web operations for Research in Practice at Dartington Hall Trust lasted until 2016.

Writing Projects

Previous writing gigs include technical author, and presenter of the audio Full Circle Podcast. Some of the audio output spilled over into the spoof education show Tomorrow’s Technology Today.

Robin also curated the website Everything Express for nearly ten years.

He has published four non-fiction sports coaching books and a collection of technology guides under the independent imprint Proactivity Press.

Sports Projects

A founder of West Devon Swords, he teaches Olympic sport fencing, as well as historical swordplay within the Historical Western Martial Arts tradition (HEMA); everything from longsword to rapier to sword and buckler.