The Professional Working Draft

Professional Working DraftNever mind that I’m 65% through editing and still don’t know if the novel is any good: do I have a professional working draft?

A professional working draft comes at the end of one or more rounds of internal edits; no copy editing, line editing or proof reading. We’re still in the early stages. In short, does the manuscript work?

How to Fix a Bad Scene

How to fix a bad sceneHow many times do you edit and revise, and still wonder how to fix a bad scene in your manuscript. Been there, struggled with that. You don’t always know why it doesn’t work, but that feeling won’t go away. …

Editing Tips for Creative Writing

Image: Editing Tips for Creative WritingEveryone teaches ‘Creative Writing’ these days, but where are the editing tips for creative writing? We’re all led to believe that creative writing flows effortlessly from our finger tips in an unbroken stream of consciousness. It doesn’t. Good writing is hard work; good, finished writing is down to good, solid editing.