Revising and Editing Workshop May 11-14 Revising and Editing Workshop is another event from writing coach Daniel David Wallace. To give its’ full title , Revising and Editing: The Writing Workshop runs from May 11-14, 2022.

The tagline this time is ‘Build a confident process for improving your writing.’ This is a workshop for writers with a finished piece and want to make it better, but who are not yet ready to hand it over to an editor. It can be the most stressful challenge writers face: how to improve the thing they wrote.

How do you make your draft as good as it can be before you share it with other people? This is also a means to find your way back into a draft you can’t finish, or don’t know how to re-start.

A smaller-scale event from Mr. Wallace, with only one or two presentations a day. Each speaker will teach revision and editing techniques:

  • building up a scene,
  • revising for style,
  • fixing plot holes,
  • building up the impact of a draft

All presentations (but not the prompt sessions) are open to all ticket holders, free and paid.

For free passes, each talk is available live and for 24 hours after. Paid ticket holders have ongoing access to watch the replays. Each speaker will share a practice, prompt, or multi-part exercise that we will try out in a follow-up session for paid ticket holders only.

Expect this to be an inclusive, friendly event in keeping with all the Wallace writers’ summits.

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