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"Bedtime Story by C.Gull" by SpectreOfShades via DeviantArtOne In Five Parents Cannot Read Aloud” [London Evening Standard Thursday 9th June 2011]

From the Evening Standard’s Get London Reading campaign:

One in five London parents has such poor literacy skills they cannot read a bedtime story to their children.

The National Literacy Trust report that 370,000 mothers and fathers are not confident enough to read aloud – significantly reducing their child’s chances of learning to read.

Hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers in London … lack the confidence to read books to their children.

“It is a tragedy. Every parent wants the best for their children – they have a vital role in developing their children’s literacy skills. Nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, word games and chatter with parents, grandparents and carers are the bedrock of children’s reading and writing.” Jonathan Douglas, director, the National Literacy Trust

Today’s research highlights the crucial role parents play in encouraging their sons and daughters to read and write.

Headteachers from the United Learning Trust, which runs 21 academy schools, said one-to-one reading can turn children’s lives around and urged parents to read to their children.

“Reading transforms people’s lives.” Vanessa Gounden, businesswoman

“My favourite time of day is when I read to my children, or just recently, listen to my son read to me.” Laura Bailey, model and writer

“There’s nothing more important than getting children to read.” Daisy Goodwin, TV poetry presenter

“It is never too late to start.” Oli Tomlinson, head of Paddington Academy

From the articles by Anna Davis, David Cohen,
Louise Jury and Miranda Bryant

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