‘Word Matters’ from 5-Live

'Word Matters' from 5-liveBBC radio launches ‘Word Matters’ from 5-Live this month, a campaign focused on the estimated 9 million adults in the UK who struggle to read and write. The news and sports channel aims to start the biggest conversation across the UK about adult literacy. It follows 5-Live’s campaign on adult mental health in 2020.

Across DAB, online and BBC Sounds, people struggling with literacy will share personal stories. Bullying,  embarrassment, shame and social awkwardness are common amongst people with low levels of literacy. Job prospects, career progression and simply living with family frequently suffer. The campaign will celebrate the successes of those empowered by learning to read and write. Increased confidence and self-esteem are just two of the benefits.

‘Word Matters’ from 5-Live is a worthy campaign, well placed on  a blue-collar, sports-obsessed channel to support those who struggle with literacy.

The project includes the 5 Live reading challenge, the ‘Not a Book Club’,  and where to find the books for free.