Find Your Readers Summit 2023

Find Your Readers Summit 2023Daniel David Wallace returns with another writers’ event: Find Your Readers Summit 2023, running August 4th to 7th.

“Rather than teaching you a complex approach to book marketing, this summit is focused on helping you build connection to readers into your existing writing process. How can you start now, and find your next ideal reader, no matter where you are in your writing journey?”

The goal for this year is to talk about focus. Can you identify one or two key things you could do now to start finding readers?

Previous topics at the summit include:

  • Earn money from your book (before, while, and after you write it)
  • How to speak authentically to your audience
  • Baked-In Book Marketing: How to Design Your Novel So You Attract the Right Readers & Sell More Books
  • How to Plot Your Book Marketing Plans with Plottr

I can’t recommend Daniel’s events highly enough. DDW’s virtual summits are invaluable. Tightly focused on topic, Daniel brings together excellent speakers and the joys of a community of regular attendees. We’ll post more details when Find Your Readers Summit 2023 officially goes live.

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