Perfect Your Process Online Summit March 24th – 27th

Perfect Your Process 2023 online summit, running March 24th-27th.Daniel David Wallace brings his next event: Perfect Your Process 2023 online summit, running March 24th-27th.

Connect with new writers, learn valuable skills, feel happier and more confident about your writing practices.

This summit features more than fifteen speakers over four days, plus welcome sessions, happy hours, and masterclasses taught by Daniel himself.

The provisional lineup of speakers includes:

  • Mary Adkins talking about handwriting your first draft,
  • Savannah Gilbo talking the four phases of editing,
  • Brooklyn Knight talking about understanding your characters

Further sessions aim to improve your writing style, on making plans, on staying sensitive and passionate as you push through the middle of a draft, overcoming perfectionism, fixing character arcs and more.

In addition, at least one session covers the recent leap forward in the power of AI writing tools, and a discussion of whether these tools will threaten or empower writers’ careers.

What will Perfect Your Process teach?

This online event will teach you a series of approaches, tactics, and philosophies for elevating your writing process.

Planned sessions cover topics such as how to complete a first draft, how to research a historical novel and whether AI going to put us all out of a job…

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