Fantasy: Realms of Imagination Exhibition

Fantasy: Realms of Imagination exhibitionThe exhibition Fantasy: Realms of Imagination opens at the British Library today. “Set out on a legendary quest through the impossible worlds of fantasy” in person or online, 27 Oct 2023–Sun 25 Feb 2024.

The eloquently crafted introduction begins: “explore the beautiful, uncanny and sometimes monstrous makings of fantasy.” Broad in it’s scope, the exhibition ranges across “fairy tales and folklore to the fantastical worlds of Studio Ghibli.” Journeying through “Middle-earth and into the depths of Pan’s Labyrinth” by way of Brothers Grimm and Lewis Carroll.

British Library members go free, standard ticket prices are £16. Look out for the ‘pay what you can days’ on December 8 and 21 and January 2 and 21. BL advises you book in advance for those days with limited tickets.

The hand-drawn poster illustration by Sveta Dorosheva contains 65 references to different fantasy novels, characters and creators. There is a guide to the illustration based on notes by the artist.

Fantasy: Realms of Imagination is supported by Wayland Games, Unwin Charitable Trust and The B. H. Breslauer Fund of the American Trust for the British Library.

This continues a fantastic line of museums, exhibitions and events across the country keeping books and literacy alive.

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