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Unreal Reality in Fiction

Unreal Reality in FictionEver considered the unreal reality in fiction? Fiction isn’t reality. Contemporary stories and fantasy stories exist in different planes of reality but there’s a lot of gray areas. Philosophers and scientists debate the very nature of reality all the time. What is ‘real?’ …

Archetypes in Fantasy

Archetypes in FantasyLike few other genres, archetypes in fantasy make or break a story.

An archetype is a character that fulfils a role or symbolises some aspect of story telling. Most of our oldest surviving stories are myths and legends, which qualify as epic fantasy in my view. Greek epic poems and dramas include heroes, heroines, villains, guides and mentors, helpers, fantastical creatures and quests. …

The Self-publishing Revolution

Image: the self-publishing revolutionThe last two decades have seen huge changes in the publishing industries – the consolidation of publishers and agents, the advent of cost-effective digital printing for small runs, and the rise of the Internet as a discovery and distribution platform. It’s an industry my father would barely recognise from his time in publishing during the 1970’s.

Get Writing tips – the daily discipline

Image: get writing- the daily disciplineThe BBC used to have an educational site called Get Writing, no longer live but some of the content migrated into BBC Writers’ Room.

Get Writing was a fantastic resource for aspiring writers and would regularly post tips, exercises and how-to’s from renowned authors. One of these concerned the discipline of writing regularly.