Works in Progress – January 2022

Works in progressSomehow 2021 has gone and 2022 is here, with multiple works in progress showing signs of, well, progress. It’s been an interesting couple of months; delivering classes, taking courses, a couple of events, some family health dramas, getting the builders off-site. And writing. It was a struggle at times, but the routine is re-established.

Not one, not two, not three, but four novels in progress. That’s a three-parter, plus a spin-off. This is part of the deal with switching to fiction. Single standalone’s don’t work well for first time Indie authors. So the original challenge has become a series.

Books One and Two are at the professional working draft stage and set aside for a few weeks to get some distance before the first round of proper editing. The plot wrinkles in Book Three have worked themselves out, full outline in place and set for completion by the end of January (maybe).

Book Four is growing organically out of setting and into plot and characters. The outline is skinny but the finale is looking good. It may be an odd way to work, but the fourth volume began ad the beginning, ended at the end and it’s a question of working inward toward the middle. It is very much a side project to provide me some breaks when I’m tied of banging my head against a wall of uncooperative prose.

The overall aim is to have the series out by the end of the year. The project manager in me knows it will take that long to complete and edit three (short) books, proof, format, issue ARC’s, revise and correct. Then there’s three linked cover designs and a whole marketing plan to consider.

Given how life gets in the way, new year optimism says this seems achievable. Reality might have something to say. Stay tuned.

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    1. OK, you got me. The end of ’22 plan isn’t happening, too many family and domestic episodes got in t he way. And editing. Early part of 2023 is the best I can offer. The project manager in me should know not to pre-announce these things/

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