Random Nouns Writers’ Prompt

Random Nouns Writers' PromptMy writers group over on DDW’s Discourse  served up a Random Nouns Writers’ Prompt entitled The Jar of Nouns.

The initial low-tech version requires you “cut up a sheet of paper in several two by three inches pieces. On one side write a noun (some can be proper), just make them random, and place them in the jar. For an on-the-fly writing prompt, pull five nouns from the jar, and write for fifteen minutes using all five nouns.”

I didn’t have time to mess with jars, so I pulled nouns using some word randomisers online. One of them gave me a default random word on opening which happened to be MY OWN NAME (cue spooky music).

So I told it to deal me five and it gave me:

  • Rest,
  • Injury,
  • Journey,
  • Pets,
  • Politics

I used those in sequence for the story Beyond the Borders which will find its way into a future WIP novel.

The next generator gave me:

  • Citizen
  • Ideal
  • Monastery
  • Paw
  • Security

Which I aim to use one of those quiet days when I need to blitz some short fiction unrelated to any ongoing projects.

The last generator give me:

  • preparation
  • adze
  • power
  • song
  • republic

This is now The Song of the King’s Bridge, an offshoot of my series Book Three, City of Vipers.

You can give these a go yourself:


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