November 50k Challenge: Week 3

November 50k Challenge: Week 3Where am I at in the November 50k Challenge: Week 3? Despite hitting 86% of target, I’m struggling to keep the words flowing.

In summary: 10,053 words for the week, which brings me to 42,791, or 86% of target. Best day 3,331 words, worst 259 (most of the day at the wheel, hardly any at the keyboard).

It’s been a slow week for reasons of plotting:

  • filled in a couple of missing scenes where I skimmed over them in weeks 1 and 2
  • gave one of my antagonists his own confrontation scene with the MC
  • moved the demise of another antagonist to later in the plot
  • placed a key item of backstory in dialogue for the Act 3 ‘reveal.’

And despite the ‘rule,’ I revised a couple of early scenes to smooth over the plot changes.

Arc de Triomphe

Early wins for this draft:

  • I have a complete arc for my protagonist’s transformation. It isn’t particularly subtle but neither are the classic Westerns/Samurai movies I’ve landed on as a model
  • The principal antagonists each have some backstory to add a little depth
  • My action scenes work the way I want, balancing practical fighting arts with enough magical abracadabra for the genre.

Early losses:

  • My prose. I’m reconciled to hating it. It’s more tell than show, despite the chunks of interior monologue, dream sequences and flashbacks. But… my genre has a surprisingly low bar for tell versus show. I guess we can’t all be Salman Rushdie. Then again, I don’t want to be.

Week 4 Blues

What’s left for Week 4 and the wrap up? Assuming I don’t get called away again:

  • add 7,206 words to make target
  • start revising my zero draft to round off the incomplete sentences, placeholder text and any garbage I spot.

The glass is almost full, but is it fine wine or vinegar?

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