Short Fiction List 2024

The Short Fiction List 2024 (updated): some of the short stories posted here on the site.

On the Estuary On the Estuary

(Crime) On the Estuary is from a writer’s group prompt to write a dialogue scene in no more than 200 words. I cut ALL the tags and beats. And description…

(170 words, 2 minute read)

Meeting in ViennaMeeting in Vienna

(Mystery) A park, a Ferris wheel and Vienna… From a set writing prompt.

(70 words, 1 minute read)

Bandstand in the RainBandstand in the Rain

(Romance) Together under a bandstand in the the rain, Bob needs more Joy in his life. From a set writing prompt.

(500 words, 3 minute read)

The Fifth HorsemanThe Fifth Horseman

(Fantasy) A darkly comic tale in the tradition of Sir Terry of Pratchett and Douglas Adams.
A Man of Beige seeks employment at the Job Centre. But why does he have so many names? And why does Jane doubt his story?

(1050 words, 6 minute read)

Janet Davies and the Asylum Seeker of Kla'ArgJanet Davies and the Asylum Seeker of Kla’Arg

(Fantasy) The Croydon Immigration Office never saw anything like this. You can’t seek asylum from a Cosplay convention. Can you?

(1250 words, 7 minute read)

Bella StarBella Star

(Sci-fi) Guilt and obsession high above a collapsing star. A scientific mission goes tragically wrong.

(600 words, 3 minute read)

Isaac sci-fi short fictionIsaac

(Sci-fi) An unusual crew-member reaches retirement. Brilliant and unassuming, is Isaac as unique and indispensable as he thinks?

(1600 words, 8 minute read)

The Western GateThe Western Gate

(Historical) Deadly plots in the disillusion of the Crusades. At the fall of Jerusalem, Philip Anjuron De La Mer must make a choice.

(1900 words, 10 minute read)

The Green VaseThe Green Vase

(Flash Fiction) A flash-fiction prompt based on cumulative sentences. It’s not about the green vase at all…

(75 words, 1 minute read)

Mister RabbitMister Rabbit

(Children’s) A children’s story for 5-8 year-olds. A river, an ice cream and a talking rabbit, naturally. From a set writing prompt.

(500 words, 3 minute read)

The Serpent in the SandsThe Serpent in the Sands

Word War II espionage inspired by the Slapton Sands incident. From a set writing prompt.

(500 words, 3 minute read)

Time in a Bottle

Time in a Bottle

Family drama from a set writing prompt. A long highway and a clapped-out station wagon. Right then, Summer felt like a lifetime.

(500 words, 3 minute read)

Brogues from Smith-Perkins

Brogues from Smith-Perkins

(Descriptive) From a set writing prompt. Describe a character through their casual clothes, writing for fifteen minutes. ‘Casual’ can have many meanings.

(300 words, 2 minute read)

BBC9: In the ClosetBBC9: In the Closet

(Comedy) Join edgy DJ Bob Bobley for a pint of cider and the best music around.

(120 words, 1 minute read)

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