Writing Craft Audio on YouTube

Writing Craft Audio on YoutubeI’ve officially joined the ‘Authortube’ by putting my writing craft audio on YouTube.

Attempting to make the blog more accessible, I’ve produced audio versions of my writing craft posts and put them on my YouTube channel. I guess that makes me part of the movement-slash-industry-slash-‘phenomenon’ that is Authortube.

Authortube versus Booktube

Authortube is that segment of YouTube in which writers discuss writing. Booktube is where readers review and discuss books. There’s an overlap on a Venn diagram somewhere showing how some content creators span both.

That’s not me. I don’t read enough books these days (shock-horror!) to go posting reviews. I aim to focus on the lessons-learned of writing craft, on my way to getting novels ready for publication.

No Pictures

As I said, the drive was to produce complimentary audio versions of my posts on writing craft. Right now it’s audio-only, no pictures. I have a great face for radio. Maybe sometime I’ll go full-motion video, but not now. It’s a whole other production headache and my standards are way too high from my time in film and TV. I need to care a lot less.

Short and…Sweet?

Based on my craft posts, the audio versions are typically two to five minutes long. I think the longest recording so far is around ten minutes. No one wants to listen to an author banging on for haf an hour unless they really have something to say. And are entertaining. So I’m keeping it short.

Why YouTube?

I could have posted on any number of platforms, but two things went YouTube’s way:

  1. It’s simple
  2. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the web. That has to count for something, right? If I’m going to this effort, I might as well put the pod-crafts where people can find them.

I’m hoping ‘pod-crafts’ as a term will catch on. It may not.

So as my introduction has it: “I’m Robin Catling, and this is Write On. Join me in my author journey as I bring you tools, tips and lessons learned the hard way – so you don’t have to.”

It’s another step along the road.

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