Good Covers: the Re-design (re-post)

Art of FOil Fencing - two coversIf you care about good covers: the re-design is essential. Earlier this year we revamped The Art of Foil Fencing with a new cover because the original was, well, terrible. It didn’t even fit alongside our other draft covers on our imprint, never mind anyone else’s. In a search results list, you’d swipe right past it. Something had to be done.

Image: The Art of Foil Fencing, coverThe first edition

Background: plain white.
Image: dull
Typography: zzzz…

The layout is worse than an elementary school project. It’s a collection of elements that don’t relate or tie into each other. The typography is laid out wrong. It looks cheap. Because it is.

Art of Foil Fencing Second EditionThe second edition

Background: dramatic black.
Image: high quality photograph, nicely cropped and tied in to the typography. High drama, mystery and suspense.
Typography: Properly spaced and laid out this time, in the same font-face. This time easier to read in a thumbnail image.

This cover screams diva from the first glance. Crucially, it works much better as a cover thumbnail for Amazon and other online shops.