The Plotter versus the ‘Pantser’

The Plotter versus the 'pantser'It’s said that writers fall into two types: the plotter versus the ‘pantser,’ more politely described as a ‘discovery writer.’

The discovery writer likes to ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ (hence ‘pantser’) and write without an outline for their plot. ‘Free-writers’ is the more recognised name for them.  Plotters meticulously plan the whole thing in advance and effectively write to their own brief.

Do The Worst Thing

Do The Worst ThingThere’s a piece of writing advice which goes ‘do the worst thing to your protagonist you can think of.’

Taken literally, you end up in murder, torture, kidnapping, earthquake, fire and flood. Not exactly genre-appropriate if you’re writing The Ladies’ Sewing Circle Diaries. Or a rom-com. …