Do The Worst Thing

Do The Worst ThingThere’s a piece of writing advice which goes ‘do the worst thing to your protagonist you can think of.’

Taken literally, you end up in murder, torture, kidnapping, earthquake, fire and flood. Not exactly genre-appropriate if you’re writing The Ladies’ Sewing Circle Diaries. Or a rom-com. …

Planning a Series

Planning a SeriesI set out to write one book and found myself planning a series. I’m defining a series as a number of stories linked by shared characters or settings. Simple, enough? Wrong.

There are different types of series. Oh, goody. Planning a series just got more difficult. …

No Story without Conflict

no story without conflictIt is a truth universally acknowledged, there is no story without conflict. Unlike the opening of Pride and Prejudice, this one happens to be true. Go ahead, argue with me.

Conflict is the crux of storytelling and plotting. Every novel thrives on conflict. Therefore writing conflict is pivotal to crafting a compelling story. Without conflict, there is no drama. Without drama, there is no story. …