My Rules for Social Networking

My Rules for Social Networking

Accept a little self-help from my rules for social networking.

First, I got hold of a little booklet by Hampshire Linux User Group member Damian Brasher, Damian’s Social Networking Rules.

Second, I saw the call for a Bloggers’ Code of Conduct over at O’Reilly.

Inspired, I decided to write out my (short) set of rules for social media. Apologies if this reads like Baz Luhrman’s self-help record Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Opinion: No Summer Blockbusters, Please

Opinion: No Summer Blockbusters, PleaseNo Summer Blockbusters, Please. Cruise, Smith and Pitt have all flopped this year, but when the cries about expensive overpaid stars no longer opening moviesĀ  die down, the next wave of ‘bankable certs’ should arrive in two years time.

Oblivion, After Earth and the troubled World War Z are the latest high-concept movies to have mangled the scripts in favour of big action set-pieces and dodgy dialogue.

Oblivion steals from every sci-fi flick in decades, After Irk, the Smith family project from M. Night Shame-about-the-last-one makes no sense and WW-Zzzzz departs so far from the lauded source material you wonder why they bothered. …

Opinion: Write Something, Write Anything [Guest Post]

Opinion: Write Something, Write AnythingHave you ever sat there, thinking “I wish I could write?” Not “I wish I could write like [Joe Schmo] or anyone in particular, just “I wish I could write.” I think you can. I don’t mean ‘the one novel that’s in all of us.’ Believe me, I’ve read a lot of those. It’s not true.

But you can write something. An opinion? Opinions are good. We all have them. Done something technical? What about a how-to, or a review? Maybe a poem? A haiku in response to Eric Schmidt? Go ahead, learn a new art-form… …