The Art of the Good Cover (re-post)

Two Covers - Art of Foil Fencing You should never judge a book by it’s cover. But that’s exactly what we all do. The book stores are full of fantastic books with terrible covers that are never read. And also full of amazing covers selling terrible books that only disappoint.

Which is why you have to create the best cover you can just to draw readers to open the first page. It is the most important selling tool you have.

Why every design needs three levels of typographic hierarchy (re-post)

Why every design needs three levels of typographic hierarchy“Hierarchy—it’s a big word, and an important but an easy-to-implement concept when it comes to typography.”

So begins an insightful beginner-level article on Canva written by Janie Kliever: Why every design needs three levels of typographic hierarchy, posted under Design elements and principles. …

Proactivity Press Goes Live!

Proactivity Press homepageWelcome to Proactivity Press.

Our new website is now live with our existing titles in print and some upcoming publications available to back order.

Our online shop is also live integrated with a secure PayPal checkout, so you can buy titles direct from us.

The Self-publishing Revolution

Image: the self-publishing revolutionThe last two decades have seen huge changes in the publishing industries – the consolidation of publishers and agents, the advent of cost-effective digital printing for small runs, and the rise of the Internet as a discovery and distribution platform. It’s an industry my father would barely recognise from his time in publishing during the 1970’s.