In Medias Res

In medias res: the Odessey‘Starting the story in the middle’: that’s the Latin term in medias res. The Greek playwrights understood it well. Don’t start with a boatload of exposition, get into the action and explain things as you go. Horace named it but writers have been using it since writing began. …

Seven Deadly Fears of Writing

Edvard Munch - The ScreamWhat’s been stopping you from producing that magnum opus? Taken from the opening of Jurgen Wolff’s 2007  Your Writing Coach, what follows is our take on his Seven Deadly Fears of Writing; those fears that stop would-be, and even some professional writers getting on with the job of writing.

Artwork for blog posts

Image: Mini Piggy Bank Money Box -
Image: Mini Piggy Bank Money Box –

As I have to keep telling clients, the bad old days of text-only blogs is over. Every post needs at least one image at the top so that it has some visual interest on the page and in any list of search results.

You need not only to find that image, but know how and where it will be displayed and at what resolution, in order to avoid that ‘elementary school project’ look.

How-to: Write a Blog Post

Blog posting how-toA couple of years ago, I calculated that I’d racked up about four and a half thousand blog posts across all my personal and professional projects. Yes, I’ve been doing this a while.

I won’t say there’s a set formula (if there is, I break it regularly), but there are definitely good practices.

Why every design needs three levels of typographic hierarchy (re-post)

Why every design needs three levels of typographic hierarchy“Hierarchy—it’s a big word, and an important but an easy-to-implement concept when it comes to typography.”

So begins an insightful beginner-level article on Canva written by Janie Kliever: Why every design needs three levels of typographic hierarchy, posted under Design elements and principles. …