Ten-step Fictional Empire-builders’ Checklist

Rome Italy Roma - Creative Commons by gnuckx (3208740782)

In the current fantasy-fiction challenge, our protagonist is in revolt against the Evil Empire de Jour. Which raised the question, what goes onto our fictional empire-builders’ checklist? With inspiration from the Mythcreants blog, here’s a ten-step questionnaire for creating detailed and credible Imperial powers.

Artwork for blog posts

Image: Mini Piggy Bank Money Box - aliexpress.comAs I have to keep telling clients, the bad old days of text-only blogs is over. Every post needs at least one image at the top so that it has some visual interest on the page and in any list of search results.

You need not only to find that image, but know how and where it will be displayed and at what resolution, in order to avoid that ‘elementary school project’ look.