Ten-step Fictional Empire-builders’ Checklist

Fictional Empire-builders' Checklist; Rome Italy Roma - Creative Commons by gnuckx (3208740782)What goes onto our fictional empire-builders’ checklist? This is where essential world-building for culture and setting begins.

In the current fantasy-fiction challenge, our protagonist is in revolt against the Evil Empire de Jour.  With inspiration from the Mythcreants blog, here’s a ten-step questionnaire for creating detailed and credible Imperial powers.

Twenty Characters to Start a Book?

Twenty Characters to Start a Book

According to Christine Frazier’s Better Novel Project you need twenty characters to start a book. Her post advocates this as an essential kick-starter for pop-fiction. It cites first chapters for Harry Potter and The Hunger Games (19 each) and Twilight (24). Even generalising for genre-fiction, twenty characters in Chapter One seems a bit much.