Find Your Readers Summit July 24-27

Find Your Readers Summit July 24-27Another event from craft maestro Daniel David Wallace, Find Your Readers Summit July 24-27 was a four-day online event. Delegates learned to expand writing craft skills, share more work, build an audience, and enhance creativity. Breaking the mold of writing as a solitary experience, this event showcased the ways to connect with other writers and readers.

This event addressed finding and growing an audience while writing a book. Secondly, how to build a network after it’s finished. Each day based around a theme. Share Your Work, Send It Out, A Platform You Will Love, and A Life Filled with Writing.

The panel of presenters and speakers included:
Chad R Allen, Beth Barany, Sandra Beckwith, Brian Berni, Sacha Black, Austin Church, Derek Doepker, Jonathan Duckworth, Jeff Elkins, Elle Griffin, Paris Hansch, Kristen Kieffer, Jenny Milchman, Michelle Schusterman, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Jennifer Steil, Jennifer Steil, Melissa Storm, Tesse Struve, Daje The Story Doula, and host Daniel David Wallace.

As with all DDW’s events, the attendees’ warmth, engagement and sense of community made it so effective and enjoyable.