Short Fiction List 2022

Fiction list 2022The Short Fiction List 2022: some of the short stories posted here on the site.

The Fifth Horseman

(Fantasy) A darkly comic tale in the tradition of Sir Terry of Pratchett and Douglas Adams.
A Man of Beige seeks employment at the Job Centre. But why does he have so many names? And why does Jane doubt his story?

Janet Davies and the Asylum Seeker of Kla’Arg

(Fantasy) The Croydon Immigration Office never saw anything like this. You can’t seek asylum from a Cosplay convention. Can you?

Bella Star

(Sci-fi) Guilt and obsession high above a collapsing star. A scientific mission goes tragically wrong.


(Sci-fi) An unusual crew-member reaches retirement. Brilliant and unassuming, is Isaac as unique and indispensable as he thinks?

The Western Gate

(Historical) Deadly plots in the disillusion of the Crusades. At the fall of Jerusalem, Philip Anjuron De La Mare has a choice to make.

The Green Vase

(Flash Fiction) A flash-fiction prompt based on cumulative sentences.

Mister Rabbit

A children’s story for 5-8 year-olds, from a set writing prompt.

BBC9: In the Closet

(Comedy) Join Bob Bobley for a pint of cider and the best music around

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