Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit 2024

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit 2024The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit 2024 is a free online event that runs May 13-17. Curated by Randy Ellefson and Paula Judith Johnson, it features more than twenty five writing, publishing, and marketing experts in wide-ranging sessions that go way beyond the genres in the title.

Ellefson and Johnson engaging hosts, and the session experts bring long experience of writing craft, publishing and marketing practice in a remarkably wide selection of topics.

Some familiar faces in the author coaching market are here including Janet Forbes, Savannah Gilbo, Emily Golden & Rachel May, Ray Brehm, Kris Safarova, and Hayley Milliman.

The session schedule is one of the most diverse I’ve seen since I began attending these events:

  • World Building with World Anvil
  • The Power of POV in Shaping Narrative
  • Use Your Genre to Unlock the Secrets of Story Structure
  • The Art and Impact of an Author Mission Statement
  • Magic Systems
  • Maximize Media Impact
  • Creating Evil Characters
  • Letting Others Write in Your World
  • Landing An Agent
  • How to Build an Optin Page in 20 Minutes
  • Selling Direct Online
  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi Tropes
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi World Building
  • Sell More Books with an Author Bundle
  • Narrator Advice for Sci-Fi
  • Convention Sales for Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Mastering Facebook Ads
  • Amazon Keywords & Categories for Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Prompting Chat GPT to Write Better & Faster Fiction
  • Define & Attract Your Audience
  • Advantages of Using BookFunnel
  • Adding Romance to Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  • Tension & Surprising Twists to Hold Interest & Drive Curiosity
  • Mastering Emotional Arcs for Character Depth
  • The Art & Science of Self-Editing
  • Boosting Sales and Visibility: The Impact of Book Marketing Websites
  • Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing

The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit 2024 is well worth a look.

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