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Introducing the Cumulative Sentence

Introducing the Cumulative SentenceIt’s a rare item of writing craft that finds me introducing the cumulative sentence.

I had a “progressive” education, which meant I wasn’t taught grammar and punctuation or any of the glue that binds language together. I’ve had to discover it for myself. That goes for the cumulative sentence. Stick with me, it’s not that technical. You might even like it.

Every Story Asks Questions

Every Story asks QuestionsNot the obvious ‘how does it end?’ but something more basic; every story asks questions.

‘What’s is about?’ isn’t really the question either. Jaws isn’t about a shark, it’s about friendship; Fast and Furious isn’t about cars, it’s about family. But those are themes. Both ask different questions of the audience. Can our Three Men in a Boat(!) overcome their fears and band together? Do our street-racers overcome their distrust and become family?