Art: The Museum of Everything

Museum of Everything“Hidden from view around our world, humble pockets of creativity bustle: dynamic studios where self-taught artists discover, form and make.”

The Museum of Everything presents Exhibition #4, the world’s largest survey of progressive studios for self-taught artists from across the planet, plus Exhibition #4.1, the exclusive Judith Scott retrospective, recently featured on BBC2’s The Culture Show.”

Founded by James Brett, the Museum of Everything is a travelling exhibition of “outsider art”. Exhibition #4 is resident until October 25th 2011 at Selfridges of London department store, where The Museum of Everything has created the most expansive art collaboration in the store’s history: over 400 drawings, paintings & sculptures. Watch The Films of Everything showing the artists at work, or visit the library for The Conversations of Everything, as Cindy Sherman, Sir Ken Robinson, David Byrne & others discuss the art in the show.

Museum of EverythingOutsider Art is by regular people not educated in art who want to express something. Sometimes its by people with mental health issues, Brett prefers ‘the underdog’; people making work for themselves containing very private ideas and emotions. AJS

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  1. I’m writing a report for Art History, and I need to know what building materials were used for a certain piece of architecture. I chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I can’t find much information on what materials were used to build the facade. If you know what material was used to build it, could you please give a source or a link? Thanks!

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